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About Hutsy

What is Hutsy?

Hutsy is a simpler, more convenient and transparent way to buy a home. We provide you with a local concierge service, starting with the best agents in the neighborhood, to lenders, inspectors, and other third party experts. We also give you access to a custom dashboard to manage your entire transaction and all documents, to ensure that you get the best home buying experience.

Every single time.

Who is Hutsy for?

Regardless of whether you’re a first time home buyer, or a serial investor in properties, if you’re interested in a better way to purchase a home, driven by expert advice, personalized service, and 24/7 available services, Hutsy is for you.

We help you find, negotiate and close on your perfect home. We’ve experienced all the pain points of a cumbersome, expensive and confusing home buying process, and we are determined to fix it.

Where is Hutsy available?

Currently, we operate in Austin and San Antonio. We will be coming to NYC, LA, and the Bay Area shortly.

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Hutsy vs Alternatives

Why should I use Hutsy?

Traditional real estate agents are invaluable in the process of buying a home. They provide you advice and guidance on a big investment into your life, and even a place you may call home for many decades.

However, the home buying process has remained absolutely complicated, vexing and possibly terrifying for even the experienced buyer. We harness the expertise of veteran in-house real estate brokers, and provide a home buying experience personalized to you at your fingertips. Access information regarding your transactions at any second on your phone, tablet or web browser.

Have a question? Ask your assigned expert real estate broker 24/7.

Can I use my own agent?

Our amazing service provided to you is only possible through our fine-crafted software in close collaboration with our in-house expert real estate brokers.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the same quality of experience with any other agent or broker.

Why should I trust Hutsy?

We’ve brought together an exceptional team of real estate, software and user experience experts that are working tirelessly to ensure you get the most delightful home buying experience available.

We are excited for the change we will be able to bring to the stagnant industry, and would love to have you join us as we continue to refine the perfect process for you.

Hutsy’s Process

Where do I start?

The process is simple. Sign up via the website, and we’ll reach out to you directly to understand your needs.

We’ll help you set up an online account where you can access all transaction information and chat with our experts directly.

We make the home buying experience smooth and simple.

Should I already have a home in mind?

You can join us at any part of the process. You may have already found your perfect home, or are still searching for one – we’ll help you cross the finishing line and get you tucked in so you can start enjoying your new place.

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