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You are here because you are dissatisfied with home buying, so we built a new way to buy a home that is streamlined, convenient and transparent.
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Here’s how we fixed home buying.

Read The Hutsy Manifesto.

Tech-Infused Home Buying

For the first time, we’ve built a hybrid agent-tech process that will help you with your entire home buying process. We are committed to helping you from searching & submitting offers to signing closing documents in the simplest manner possible.

Hutsy agent pointing to the screen of a young home buyer while another home buyer stands watching them on their left

Search & schedule instantly

Save, share and manage your showings directly online.

Shop in-person

We pair you with your very own expert in-house agent, who will guide you through the process, online and in person.

Close online

We'll help you negotiate for the best price and guide you through Financing, Title, Inspections and all the other processes. When you're ready, view and sign documents and close on your home instantly online.

Local Concierge

We find the best local agents, title officers, lenders, inspectors and streamline the process start-to-finish so that you don't have to worry about dealing with shady folks.

A Hutsy agent taking notes on his notepad while standing in front of a desktop screen
Screenshot of the chat feature on the Hutsy platform

Modern Convenience

We've eliminated redundant back-and-forth so that you can search, schedule and sign easily online.

Modern Convenience

We've eliminated redundant back-and-forth so that you can search, schedule and sign easily online.

Screenshot of the chat feature on the Hutsy platform

100% Transparent

We give you a clean dashboard to keep track of any upcoming closing costs, and the transaction progress at all times, so that you can prepare for what is required of you well ahead of time.

Screenshot of the transaction management feature on the Hutsy platform

This model is super smart. Congrats. You’re doing more than just making a better operated brokerage.

Nathan GoldsteinFounder, Together Software

Frequently Asked Questions

About Hutsy

What is Hutsy?

Hutsy is a new way to buy a home.

We retained the humanistic elements of the process, provided by the best agents and third parties, and fused it with the latest tech for your convenience. This means that you consistently get the best home buying experience, every single time.

We guide you through the entire home buying process, from search & submitting offers to the final signing steps for your perfect home.

Who is Hutsy for?

We love working with home buyers of all kinds, be it first time home buyers or serial investors in properties. If you’re interested in a better way to purchase a home driven by the intersection of a local concierage service and modern convenience, Hutsy is for you.

Where is Hutsy available?

We are currently live in NYC, LA, SF/Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Austin and San Antonio.

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How much do I have to pay?

Because we represent you as the buyer’s agent, you usually won’t have to pay at all for our services (the seller usually pays on behalf of the buyer, and the price is already baked into the listing price of the home). We’ve written more about it here.

This means that you get to access all the amazing perks of the Hutsy buying process for absolutely free!

Hutsy vs Alternatives

Why should I use Hutsy?

You are here because you’re dissatisfied with the current home buying process – for many decades, the process has remained stagnant.

We’ve experienced all the pain points of the home buying process ourselves, and have built a modern way to buy a home that is fit for the new decade.

We’ve retained the aspects of the transaction that are personal (such as a dedicated real estate agent and a concierge team of third parties) and melded it with the convenience that is afforded through technology.

If you want a stress-free home buying experience, you should buy your home with Hutsy.

Can I use my own agent?

Our amazing services provided to you are only possible through our finely-crafted software in close collaboration with our in-house agents.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide the same quality of experience with any other agent or broker at this moment and won’t be able to work with you.

Why should I trust Hutsy?

We’re a Y Combinator backed team with an extensive background in real estate, software automation and consumer products. We believe in transparency at all points of the process, and we’ve even laid out our entire vision for you to check out – The Hutsy Manifesto.

We are determined to bring change to this stagnant industry, and would love to have you join us as we continue to refine the perfect process for you.

Hutsy’s Process

Where do I start?

The process is simple – sign up via the website, and we’ll reach out to you directly. We prioritize delivering a personalized experience for you, so we want to understand your needs before we get you started.

We make the home buying experience smooth and simple by handling all aspects of the transactions, from search to closing. We’ll set you up with an online account where you can access all the transaction information while your local concierge team guides you through the entire process.

Should I already have a home in mind?

You can join us at any part of the process, as long as you aren’t already working with an agent.

You may have already found your perfect home, or are still searching for one – we’ll help you cross the finishing line and get you tucked in so you can start enjoying your new place.

Can I search for a home on Hutsy?


We’ve built out a suite of tools that will guide you through the entire home buying process.

You can search and save homes, submit offers directly through the platform, and even manage your relationships with your local concierge team that will guide you through the ancillary services like the financing, title search and inspection processes.

Finally, you will be able to access and sign off on all closing documents easily through the Hutsy platform.

Buy your home today, the way you were meant to.

Now in Austin, LA, Miami, NYC, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle and SF/Bay Area.