The Hutsy Manifesto

Everything wrong with home buying and why the modern home buyer deserves better

You, the modern home buyer, are here because you are dissatisfied with the status quo of buying a home in 2019, and are hoping for a change in the new decade. You may fall anywhere on the spectrum from having heard of horrendous mishaps during home buying and therefore being apprehensive of getting started with the current process, to being a seasoned veteran and know exactly what’s wrong with the system and are looking for a very specific change.

This is a problem we’ve been obsessed with at Hutsy, and are determined to tackle it for you. Here is what we are working on and how it came to be.

Who Are We

Before we can indulge in a long essay on what’s wrong with real estate and how we can fix it, we want you to understand our perspective and our stake in the industry.

The team at Hutsy is led by Rashid Aziz and Abhiroop CVK, who met early in college and have since been working together professionally. They first ran a design & development studio in New York City where they worked with over 30 different clients in just slightly over a year. Most importantly, they discovered how well they complimented each other and decided to leap into building their first joint venture in Real Estate – FlareAgent.

FlareAgent focused on automation for brokerages and agents. With over 3000 transactions worth >$600M in property value under its belt, the software platform grew rapidly and allowed Rashid and Abhi to gain deep domain expertise. Having worked with agents across many small and large brokerages, including Compass and Keller Williams, they got to see up close how incentives are fundamentally misaligned and that many stakeholders in a transaction are resistant to change.

They knew they needed to address this problem head-on for those who suffered the most, ie. home buyers, because of the status quo and that they were the perfect duo to tackle this problem with their combined expertise in consumer products and real estate – thus Hutsy was born.

Buy your home today, the way you were meant to.

Now in NYC, LA, SF/Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Austin and San Antonio