Smooth & Transparent Process

Now, as the icing on the cake, imagine that you were able to stay on top of every single step in the process, know exactly what is required of you and everyone is held accountable through transparency. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

It would be totally possible once everything else has been achieved, where incentives are aligned and an end-to-end concierge service has been designed, because all that remains is to translate the physical world into the digital one.

Smooth Process

For the process itself, it would be as simple as pairing a checklist with a calendar which can be accessed digitally at all times. This would allow for easy organization of all documents and details, and eliminate any surprises in costs or duration, allowing the modern home buyer to prepare for the process well ahead of time. Furthermore, when the process from start to finish – from search to signing – is brought under one roof, you won’t have to ever worry about missing out on important steps or getting into legal/financial trouble.

Here are some other nifty additions that might not have been possible without having put together all the puzzle pieces:

Documents & E-Signatures

We’ve already seen a trend for e-signatures across real estate, but the process remains rather messy. Different third parties would send you a Docusign link and you would e-sign it. It would then get delivered to you via email. They might take the effort to put everything in a Dropbox folder, but you’re probably going to lose that amongst thousands of vacation photos.

Instead, if every relevant document were sorted by the specific step in the transaction, as well as easily accessed as a shared pool of all documents pertaining to the transaction, you can return to them at any point – and since you know exactly where your transaction details and documents are, you won’t have any trouble finding them. This is not only helpful during the transaction, but also if you’re considering refinancing or selling your property in the future (or any other scenario where you would need to gather your old documents pertaining to the transaction).

Centralized Communication

Managing multiple email threads with every person involved in the transaction is a far worse nightmare, especially when these emails contain sensitive and important information. Wouldn’t it be so much better to maintain all chat in one centralized location from where you can pull up the details easily?

This becomes natural and easy when everyone involved in the transaction is already integrated into the Hutsy digital platform.

Single Portal for Payments

Sending cheques; wiring money left and right; trading cold hard cash; none of these seem like a good idea when there are so many different parties involved at different stages, all of whom expect to be paid by you at the right time.

Payments should be as easy as syncing up your bank account once, and thereafter a single click to consent to a payment through Hutsy. We would then take care of when and how everyone gets paid in a manner that works for them best.


The last aspect of transparency that transcends the transaction itself is the philosophy of the company that you would be working with during one of the largest financial and emotional decisions of your life. The seemingly perfect home buying experience would be instantly tainted by an opaque company that refuses to answer your questions in a satisfactory manner if any trouble was to arise.

That’s why, right from the start, Hutsy strives to be transparent with what we hope to achieve and how we hope to do so – there’s no gain to be achieved with secrecy. When our incentives are directly tied to your success and happiness, we will use all means necessary and possible to serve you (including writing a 5000+ word essay detailing our vision for the modern home buyer).

And we plan to retain this level of transparency and commitment to serving you while you finally experience home buying in a manner that you deserve but have been missing out on.

Buy your home today, the way you were meant to.

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