End-To-End Local Concierge

We’ve worked on aligning the incentives of the brokerage and the agent to that of the modern home buyer so far. This is a good start, but isn’t representative of the entire transaction. We should now all be more familiar with the numerous third parties that are involved in the home buying process, all of whose roles Hutsy can’t assume or replace (and perhaps shouldn’t, since some aspects best remain as independent third parties that don’t hold a direct interest in a successful transaction, such as the inspectors). We’ve also taken a look at how fragmentation of the market and fragmentation of roles lead to an unpleasant home buying experience. So we seem to be stuck with the problem of not being able to avoid what might be making the home buying process worse, nor can we direct replace them.

Luckily, as you might remember, many of these services do tend to be commoditized – while there might be some differences in the quality of service, the ultimate result holds marginal difference. We should also remember that in order to avoid an overload of choice, options ought to be narrowed down for you so that you wouldn’t have to blink an eye before choosing what is presented to you (and if you wish to seek other options, it should be easy for you to explore freely).

A good agent, while able to accomplish this, would not be able to solve some of the other issues associated with this, ie. being able to negotiate the best deals that come with scale. If Hutsy works with the best third parties and proves to them that they are being delivered consistent business, Hutsy holds much larger negotiating power on behalf of its home buyers, allowing you to win even more. We will also be able to integrate with every third party involved to create a seamless, end-to-end home buying experience (when such third parties have to rely on multiple agents for business, they would be reluctant to change their workflow to fit that of just one, but when Hutsy is a large customer, it would be in their best interest to take the effort to serve Hutsy’s customers in ways they might not care to otherwise).

Simply put, there is just a sort of magic that can be achieved when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In practice, the modern home buyer would not have to worry about losing out on the best deals and experiences when interacting with any third party, and would not be hurt by blindly trusting their Hutsy agent when looking for options (and again, if they wish to source for their own options, they would be able to do so freely). This sort of bullish confidence extends to even when the modern home buyer travels to a new market with no prior relationships, except for a familiarity with the Hutsy brand – this is a direct result of the democratized brand that Hutsy would have built up based on every experience of its prior customers.

Buy your home today, the way you were meant to.

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